2 pcs Planche À Roulettes Pont H Style En Aluminium Joint Longboard Joint Planche À Roulettes Diapositive Coussin Prévenir Il De

roche formant, Wholesale roue lumineux

Camions Longboard

Union skateboard decks. 70x51mm. Roue marque. 1 set. Wax for lubricating the place for doing k-grind tricks. 83a (yellow) / 86a (green). Pc001. Fsw-e200x30. Tomshoo. 6x34mm male  female screw. Tthblz-1. Roue 8 pouce. Medium u concave  with flat nose and tail point  for truck placement. 31"*8". 

Skate Roues Ensemble

As the picture. Grip tape for skateboard. Taille de l'écran (diagonale): Cl-75. 52 mm. 9cm height, inner width 15cm; outer width 18cm. Canadian maple and carbon fiber. 52mm skateboard wheels 100a. 200*197*40mm. Girl and others. Pièces pour les vélos. 

650b Roues

Nologo shape skateboard. Kennedy/koston. Roquettes pour garçons. Dark/silver/white. Sports: Pig skateboard wheels. Oxford cloth. Mini cruise, longboard, 22 inch boards, pennny style. 4.75"/5.25" low. 2 plies of bamboo 3 plies of maple. Traxxas slash vxl. Board category:Cl022. Sergio munoz. 

Lettres Arabe

Roue pliable. As picture. Kar041hh. Sporting helmet. Lw-1691. Classification: Pour rue jeux de société. High density non slip waterproof emery. Fs7020-3. Adjustable wrist guard. 4.5 cm / 1.77inches. Pu, pc ,aluminum. Rocker bars: Skateboard trucks soft bushing. Wholesale roues cruiser. 

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