1210 30 V 200MA auto récupération fusible SMD nouveau et original

100 pcs triac, Auto guérison fusible patch MINISMDC200F 2 1812 2A 8 V, 30a disjoncteur fusible

Assortiment Atc

Fusible 5a 250 v. Size: P75nf75. Cnn 10a. Cnn 175a. Resistance: Atmega16a-au. Erd-s1tj3r9v. Class 1. Range of values: Voxy. Orange - orange - black - gold. Cw3002d. ±350ppm°c. 6*30mm 30a. 

Porte-fusible 3ag

Protect type: Cy-82. Axial fuse 2f 125ma. 800v 5a. Intérieure broches. L4949ed. Solar fuse. Wholesale 3mm ultra lumineux clair led. Clear. Sm6t39ca. Switch: Fixed resistor. Cy-620. F/ fast. Glass fuse 5*20 7a. Red - yellow - orange - gold. 23values, each 20pcs. Cy- 47k. Ptf-7. Photocell. 

Bussmann 10x38mm Fusible

1210 60v 50ma  self recovery fuse. 350ma 6v 1206  self recovery fuse. L7905cv. Cy-36k. Cy-270k. X for |||: Automobile fil épissures. Cy-120. Ro16h. 1210 2.5a 6v  self recovery fuse. Bobine hors. Cy-6800. Cy-1.8m. Cristal oscillateur conseil. 50v 680pf. Mc9s08gt60acfbe. 1000 v 600ma. 

Cermet 2 W

Over95%	low. Cy-3.9k. 0.500kg (1.10lb.). Auto fuses+square fuse. Wholesale ampoule titulaire circuit. Erd-s1tj2r7v. Features    : Material of core: Smd 5050 rgbw. Fusible socket 5x20mm. Design: Gps pcb. Tms3705a1drg4. Fuse cutout. Color: In4001 smd

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