2.5 "Tri Clamp 63mm Tuyau OD Sanitaire Bobine Tube Longueur 500mm Homebrew SUS304

Wholesale goutte à goutte tubes, aspirateur tuyau

Pompe Pour étang

63mm to 51mm 2.5" to 2". Height:65.7mm. Fil d'emballage. Oral irrigator,faucet aerator,water purifier. Wj0038. Syndicats raccords. Connection: Hose,plug. 1/4''. Round/ flat. T-shapeShower hose with head: Ssslt. Ss304bspt-fmr-1/4. Pipe fitting. Wj2175. Air tuyau flexible. M5-5mm. Farm animals. 

Pipe Fitting Plastic

Wholesale filtre chimique. 38mm vis. Chrome. 34 mamelon. Pp-direct-4mm. Airtac afr2000. 6mmx3/8  8mmx3/8 10mm x3/8  12mmx3/8. Wj2227. 00300040004. Joint tyco. Kitchen bathroom. Dah01751Dah012011. Numéro du modèle: Dst0050. Wholesale tube raccords. Handheld shower hose. 

12 14 Hex

L'eau douille. Roes-2-2. Nt-usg-4. Stainless steel. Coude 90 degrés 8mm. Guangdong,china. 3/8". Wj2469. Antique brass. Dah03562. 050744L type. Air tube fifting blue plastic 6mmdia

Machine à Laver Vannes

9.49mm-3/8"sae, id6, fit for nylon tube 6.0*8.0 mm or 5/16" rubber hos. Dah00471. Nt-epe-3. Gaz billet. Bnppf-se-1/4. St034a. Din euro. Femelle réducteur. Hs-1221. Wj0065. Male and female. 12''/30cm. Pipe coeur. 45 degree angle. Quick. 

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